What Students & Parents Are Saying

“Dance magic is a great studio. My son is one of the few boys who dance and they make him feel at home. He is never singled out. They have great instructors and the studio has a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. After looking into many studios in Red Deer. Dance magic seems the best fit for our son!”

“I feel that Dance Magic is a very professional and well organized dance school while at the same time offering a personal experience. I love that the school offers a chance for all dancer no matter what their level is to experience performing onstage. In September it was hard ever picturing our daughter to be on stage due to her being so shy and withdrawn. To see her dance at the recital was amazing. You not only teach dance, but confidence and well being. “

“I love Dance Magic for the genuine kindness and caring the surrounds my daughter. My daughter thinks we send her to learn new dance technique. But really, she is surrounded by women who mentor her to be ambitious, confident, compassionate, determined, focused, fun and even a little zany. That’s where the true value of Dance Magic rests for me.”

“Dance Magic isn’t just a dance studio, it is a family feeling place with a great message to the girls. Everyone is so friendly and you never see the teachers without receiving a friendly smile and hello! They make every student feel comfortable and important! It is a great place to put your child in dance.”

“I have seen my daughter’s confidence and self esteem grow more and more as each dance year passes. As a father, I see this as something that just doesn’t happen on it’s own or what we all have inside of us as much as being around positive people who show guidance and true passion for the lives that they are also apart of. Something as great as Dance Magic has as much to do with the inner growth of a young child as a parent does. We all play apart. It isn’t just the mothers or fathers who raise these kids of ours. It’s a community effort. Choosing a positive environment to place our children in away from home activities in this day and age is as key as the home that they grow up in. To me there will never be any doubt that Dance Magic is just that place”

“This is our first year with dance magic, 2nd year dancing and we’ve been so impressed with the level of friendliness and positivity of the staff, the quality of the instruction, the organization overall and the “family” atmosphere. Definitely highly recommended!!!! We LOVE dance magic!!!!”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say how very impressed I was with the running of the show. Though we have had would daughter in dance magic for several years this was the first show experience. Well ladies my hats off to you. That was well thought out, well run, and well communicated. Every single aspect of the journey was simply well done. I have been impressed throughout the year but my jaw was on the ground come show nights. I could list the many many many great ideas, great organization, and communications you did but there is not enough space. That was the best example of well organized chaos I have ever seen. Please accept my high compliment to you all for you amazing efforts. Thank you. Separate from that I also must say thanks for the great journey my daughter had this year. She had so many opportunies throughout the year to show us what she was working on and to feel special. The culminating event being the show. This was a big deal for her and she loved it!!”

“Our Kids love coming to Dance Magic studio.They always have fun!!Great instructors,friendly staff,we always feel like were treated like family.Thank you for letting us create happy Memories for our children!!”

“I LOVE everything about this studio and what it stands for! My boys always enjoy coming and learn sooo much! They make new friends and the teachers always make them feel confident!!”

“As always, Dance Magic has the best teachers anywhere by far! My daughter loves coming to dance because of the exceptional dance teachers!”

“We truly love coming to dance! You have all been so wonderful to my daughter and she loves coming there. She feels free, happy and so loved. We appreciate it so much!”

“The teachers are Dance Magic are always awesome! Thank you for your tireless efforts and encouragement. You can really tell the teachers care by the girls level of dance achievement”.

“You guys are great at the studio. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you do, especially during show time. I know you guys do it every year & you are pros at it by now!!, but there just isn’t enough Thank You’s. My girls keep coming back as they enjoy the staff & fun atmosphere. I also think they come back because they enjoy the show & showing off what they learned all year. Thank you!! for your time & effort you guys put into all that you do to make the studio what it is. It isn’t just us parents”

“A very friendly, fun, organized Dance Studio. We will never dance anywhere else in Red Deer!! Thank you!”

“Love it. Congratulate yourself on touching the lives of young dancers and inspiring little spirits to reach beyond”.

“We are so grateful to have such a safe, comforting place to send our girls to dance where their creativity is nurtured and they learn to be so confident and secure in themselves”.

“Nothing feels better than feeling welcome when I walk into the office. You have wonderful staff and I appreciate the smiles and hugs when we come in”.

“You are all truly amazing and very true to your students, dance parents and families. I admire and appreciate the staff at Dance Magic and have nothing but GREAT things to say about this dance community/family”.

“You are a fantastic, uplifting, positive group of dedicated teachers!!! Pat yourselves on the back for all that you have done to build up our most cherished and precious possessions, ladies!!”

“Thank you all at Dance Magic for another fantastic year of dance. We love coming to the studio on a weekly basis. You guys are all extremely helpful, supportive and a joy to see. Such smiling outgoing attitudes. Thank you for all you hard work and dedication”

“Since the age of 3 my daughter has been in 3 8 week dance programs and now loves it! This spring was her first time in the year end recital. She did feel like a star! Putting her to bed the next day,she sleepily said to her dad “Daddy you make sure to wake me up when it is stage time”

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