Our Last Studio Week!
Recital season is upon us and the studio is gearing up for the next two exciting weeks! Dress rehearsals start on Friday and I know all the dancers, big and small, can not wait to take the stage at the Memorial Centre. But before we see see all the talented and hard working dancers gliding their way across the stage in their beautiful costumes – before we watch those adorable puppies singing “Who let the dogs out” as they prance and paw about – before all the backstage fabulousness begins; I found myself taking a moment to reflect on how this all came about. Today I had the best time being reminded of how those beautiful ballerinas began. I’m talking about mommy and me dance and music classes of course! Even Tiny Tumbling Tutu classes – with little ladies and gentlemen somersaulting across the floor, in tutus no less! Well, not the little gentlemen – they were very smartly clad in their exercise gear as proper gentlemen should be.
These little ones were having so much fun! They were rolling along, with Miss Anna and Miss Shaeane helping them, giving no thought at all to where those tutus wound up. Some had them over their heads, some tutus were so fluffy I wondered how those little ones could tumble through them! But then they did, and looked oh so very cute!
Oh and then there was the Musical Magic class! Little ones with their mommies bouncing their shakers and dancing about.
Miss Kate is so lucky to be able to start her days with these lovely ladies and their tiny musicians! What a great opportunity for mommies to connect with other mothers! I remember when my girls were little, what a thrill it was to get out of the house and have an actual adult conversation that didn’t involve a discussion of who was better, Big Bird or Grover. (Tough call by the way, Big Bird is tall and yellow – two big plusses in his favor, but Grover is fluffy and gives hugs so how can you not love him?). To be able to go to a fun musical class with my little one; to spend some time interacting with her and with the other kids – and then maybe spend a few minutes in the hallway chatting with some other moms. To even meet up with them after for coffee at the Good Earth Cafe downstairs! Oh, I would have been a very happy mommy!
I truly think Dance Magic teachers have the best job in the world. They get the privilege each day of inspiring a love of music and dance in these young people. And as they grow and learn over the years, I know that passion only grows as well. As a result of the dedication of these fantastic teachers, many of their budding young artists will continue to nurture the talent that began with Dance Magic. Perhaps they will even find a way to inspire their love of dance and music into another generation!

Now enough sentimentality, it’s time to get excited because next week the insanity begins and we get to see all their hard work come to life on stage! I love this time of year, it’s so much fun – not only for the dancers but for the mommies as well! I hope all you moms out there are signed up to be Star Moms because it really is such a blast being backstage. You even get a sneak peak of the performances from behind the curtain, as well as watching all the dancers rehearse in Festival Hall. Have a great time everyone and don’t forget to check the times for your dress rehearsals at the Memorial Center next week – they start on Sunday!