Join us the week of October 16-21 for BRING A FRIEND WEEK! For one week only, our full year dance, acro and aerial classes are permitted to bring a friend to class to dance along with them! It is truly a week of fun and friendship!

Bring A Friend Week Guidelines!

Bring a Friend Week is a fun-filled week here at Dance Magic! It is a way for our current students to share their love of dance with their friends by bringing them along to class! To have the best possible Bring a Friend Week experience, here are a few notes to consider:

  • Bring a Friend Week is for our FULL YEAR dance, acro and aerial classes only.
  • If your friend is NEW to Dance Magic, they will need to complete the Bring A Friend waiver and present it to the teacher upon entering class.
  • If your friend is EXISTING with Dance Magic, there is no need to sign the waiver
  • We suggest that friends are the same age (or close to) the student they are joining. Our instructors will have a lesson plan based for the age group of the class, so to make sure it enjoyed by everyone, being similar ages is best!
  • If your dancer is in multiple classes and wants to bring a friend to all of them – great! We only require one waiver per friend, though!
Bring A Friend Week Waivers!

Please note that only NEW friends are required to complete the Bring A Friend waiver! CLICK HERE to complete online! 

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