Class Descriptions

Classes at Dance Magic Red Deer - hip hop, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, break

Aerial Silks 

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to join the circus, this class is for you!  Silks is a Beautiful combination of circus and dance.  Aerial silks is a type of acrobatics performed while hanging from a special fabric. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, strike poses, create shapes and perform combinations of skills learned. Anyone can get started on this discipline and enjoy all the benefits. Aerial silk art brings positive effects to the mind and body, combining mental relaxation, strength enhancement, coordination and fun! It also helps improve flexibility and grace, all while satisfying your inner daredevil!

Classes available to students age 6yrs – adult!

Aerial Hoop

Similar to our aerial silks classes, aerail hoop is a metal apparatus (steel or aluminum) that looks like a suspended hula-hoop. Aerial apparatus’ may be used to fly through the air, strike poses, create shapes and perform combinations of skills learned.

Classes available to students age 9yrs – adult!


Tumble your way into Acro today!  Learn to balance, roll, turn, flip and stretch in this exciting NEW class.  Acro is a unique form of dance that is art in motion – its graceful technique focuses on flexibility, strength and control while resembling the floor work of gymnastics. Strength, stretching, balance, and partner work are just some of the techniques that will be of focus in the class.  Basic tumbling includes back bends, cartwheels, handstands/headstands, rolls, walkovers, handsprings, aerial tricks and MORE! 

Classes available for beginners-advanced levels age 6yrs+. 

Tiny Tumblers

Dance Magic Studio is excited to offer this nine week program for dancers 3-5yrs of age.  Our young aspiring dancers will experience creativity at its best.  Learn to tumble, turn and twist in this fabulous class of creative dance and gymnastics combined!   Join the talented and creative Dance Magic team where “Quality instruction in a fun, upbeat and positive atmosphere”  is our mission.  Where Everyone’s a STAR!”

Available to students 3-5yrs of age

Tiny Hop

Join us for a fun, high energy introductory Hip Hop class for dancers 5-8yrs of age.  Hip Hop’s elements of freestyle movement give all students the opportunity to develop their own style and movement quality! We will have your dancer shaking and grooving in no time!

Available to students 5-8 yrs of age

Modern Movement 

A class aimed towards 9-11 year olds interested in beginning to learn about modern techniques and creative movement while building confidence in their personal style and development as dancers.  Come learn traditional and contemporary techniques in a fun and positive environment where all movement is considered perfect!  (this class does NOT perform in our year end recital but they do put on their own in class performance for parents/family/friends to enjoy at the end of the season)

Available to students 9-11yrs of age

Mom & Me Dance

These classes are designed for dancers between the age of 2 and 3 years. Your young aspiring dancer will learn the creativity of movement while being introduced to musicality and dance in a fun parent supervised environment. Our goal is to prepare these young dancers for a class on their own. Parents… be prepared to move, wiggle and clap your hands; we will definitely keep you on your “toes” in this exciting NEW class!

Mom & Me Dance classes are available for dancers age 2-3 yrs


the basis of all dance forms, combines the beauty of music with dance. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture and self discipline while learning technique and musicality. Ballet training provides young ballet dancers with opportunities to develop grace, fitness and self -confidence .

Ballet classes are available for dancers age 3 +

ALL BOYS Jazz Funk/ Breakdance Combo 

This all boys class is designed for young dancer’s age 5 – 8yrs. Learn new Hip Hop and Funky Jazz moves combined with an introduction to basic stalls, floorwork and break dance moves! All Boys and All FUN!

For Boys Age 6-8 yrs – Beginner


Jazz is the form of dance that seems to be the most popular. It is fun and upbeat using the most recent and popular music hits. Jazz class combines stretching, aerobic exercise, strength, and upbeat movement to create fun exciting routines. We suggest jazz for all students 3 years and up.

Jazz classes are available for dancers age 3+

Jazz/Ballet Combo

This intro to movement combines both disciplines of Jazz and Ballet. The class is designed for young dancers to explore both dance disciplines in one exciting class.

Jazz/Ballet classes are available for dancers age 3-7yrs.

Ballet Technique 

This 1.5 hr ballet class is technique only! Barre and center work with a strong focus on placement and turnout. This class is an excellent pre-requisite for dancers wishing to pursue pointe shoes.

For dancers age 9yrs +


Tap dancing is an energetic dance style where students learn rhythm, style, technique and musicality through percussive footwork. Tap was initially popularized in Hollywood by such great dancers as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple and more recently, by the hugely popular performers Tap Dogs, Stomp and Riverdance!

Tap is available for dancers age 5 – Adult. No previous experience required.

Theatrical Jazz

Have you ever wanted to be a triple threat? This class will truly let you’re inner “star” shine. Learn to sing, jazz dance and act all at the same time. We will really focus on bringing a character to life through singing, dancing and acting. There is no better way to tell a story then to perform it.

Available for students 8-11 years. No previous experience required.

Hip Hop

Our high-energy Hip Hop dance lessons use the latest sounds in Rap, R&B, Dance Music, Pop & Old School Hip Hop, to make the classes diverse, Energetic and fun! Hip Hop is the latest “video” style of dance. It is a funky, upbeat, free form of movement and very popular among our teenage dancers and Adults. Hip Hop’s elements of poppin’, locking, and freestyle movement give all students the opportunity to develop their own style and movement quality!

Hip Hop classes are available for dancers age 9 – Adult. No previous dance experience required.


This beautiful and graceful form of dance combines Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance techniques teaching the dancer to communicate emotion and expression through choreography and music. Lyrical encourages the dancer to explore the fascinating world of musicality and the close relationship music shares with dance.

Lyrical classes are available for students 9 yrs +

Musical Theatre

This exciting form of dance is perfect for those who love to sing, dance and act! The class focus is jazz techniqe, acting a character and singing in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. Additional focus of this class is the development of performance skills in all 3 disciplines (dancing, singing and acting). This fun, high energy class is designed for dancers as young as 3yrs old.

Musical Theater classes are available for dancers age 3 – 5yrs.


This form of dance breaks away from the rigidity of Classical Ballet and teaches you how to express yourself using a free style, exploring the use of off-centre movements, bending the spine and contractions. Contemporary dance is very creative and inspires students to express themselves in ways they have not done before.

Modern classes are available for dancers 12 years + . Jazz and Ballet experience are an asset but not required. 

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