Dance Magic Birthday Parties

Dance Magic Party Favor Bags - Add On Info

Get ready to add a sprinkle of joy to your celebrations! Our exclusive Birthday Party Favor Bags are here to make your special day even more memorable. If you have a party booked with us and are interested in adding on party bags – let us know! They include:

* $5 Dance Magic Gift Certificate  
* DM Sunglasses
* Snap Bracelet
* Candy
* DM Sticker

Cost: $7 + GST/Bag
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Three EASY steps to secure the party of the year! 

1 – Click the calendar link below
2 – Choose your desired date + time (available times will show in YELLOW on Saturday)
3 – Click on the date/time link you have selected to complete the required registration form. Once complete you will have secured your party time and we will take it from there! 

You can expect to hear from us via email to confirm your registration. Included in that email will be a link to our party waiver (we ask that this is completed by all of our guests prior to their arrival the day of the party) and a party invite to share with your guests. 

A friendly reminder: If you are booking a DANCE or TUMBLE + TWIST Party $50 will be taken off your total prior to your credit card being charged

Circus + Aerial Silks Parties = $300 + GST 
Dance + Tumble + Twist Parties = $250 + GST 

Prices for Dance/Tumble + Twist parties include up to 10 participants. Additional participants can be accommodated for a fee of $15 + GST per student for a maximum of 14 Participants.

Prices for Aerial Silk/Circus parties include up to 10 participants and we allow a maximum of 12 kids in the room. A $20.00 + GST charge will be applied per additional child.

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What Parents Are Saying About their DM Party Experience!
  • “The instructors are Fantabulous!! Loved the whole party.  Thank you!”
  • “Great time!  Would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks guys!”
  • “Was totally worth it! Love the girls cleaning up after! Thank you so much!”
  • “What a great experience.  Would recommend it to anyone!”
  • “The party went very smoothly.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  Very good at keeping fifteen 6 year olds in line.  Thank you all again!”
  • “Super easy; just show up and it’s all set up.”
  • “Everyone was so helpful”
  • “Was totally worth it!  Love how the girls cleaned up after us.  Thank you so much!”
  • “As always, great service from Dance Magic”
  • “The instructors were fantastic! Couldn’t have asked for better teachers.  The girls had so much fun!”
  • “The party staff was amazing!  The kids were entertained, the length of party was perfect.  Everything was great – we will be doing this again for sure!”
  • “Was great for my 10 year old.  Really enjoyed not having to do anything!”
  • “Very impressed at how fast the girls could teach 12 kids a routine!”
  • “They were energetic and enthusiastic, totally engaging the children.  Always smiling”
  • “Liliana’s 7th birthday party at Dance Magic was a blast! It’s a safe, family friendly atmosphere where the kids feel comfortable to express themselves through dance. They are encouraged to be free during the 45 minute dance instruction and afterwards the celebration continues with birthday cake and gifts! At Dance Magic EVERYONE is a Star…from the caring instructors to the eager students! Thank you Dance Magic