Your Recital Survival Checklist

We want to make sure you are prepared and ready for both rehearsal and show time! Take a peek at the checklists below to make sure you have everything before the big days!

What To Bring to REHEARSAL Week
–        Costume

–        Accessories

–        Hair Pieces

Please Note: Hair should be placed (not curled) for rehearsal and make-up does NOT need to be done.

Please follow the existing students tab from our website to find your dancer’s stage rehearsal time.

What to Bring SHOW Nights
–        Costume

–        Accessories (hair piece, gloves, hat, shoe bows….)

–        Tights (Extra Pair if you have)

–        Dance Shoes

–        Snacks (Fruit, Veggies, Granola Bars, etc… NUT FREE PLEASE)

–        Water

–        Toys/Games/Homework…

–        Make-Up

–        Brush/Bobby Pins/ Hair Spray/Curling Iron…


HOW LONG ARE THE SHOWS?!?!?  We are expecting the shows to be approximately 3.5 hours.  Dancers are NOT required to stay until the end of the show however, participating in the Grande Finale can be a wonderful and memorable experience!!    You are more than welcome to sign your dancer out after they have performed if you wish to leave before the finale.  Please keep in mind dancers are NOT permitted in the audience. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: STAR MOMS are required to stay till the end of the show or until the last dancer in the class has left.


Hair styles have all been posted online. Follow the existing students tab to find the required hair for your dancer’s class!

Make-up is required for the stage. Foundation, pink blush, brown eye shadow, mascara and red lipstick allow your dancer’s bright smiling face to be seen from stage!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HAVE FUN!!! This is an amazing experience for both you and your dancer! We hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Show Dates 2020


TAKE 1 – MAY 8th (6:00pm PLEASE ARRIVE AT 5:00pm)

TAKE 1 – MAY 9th (11:00am PLEASE ARRIVE AT 10:00am)

TAKE 2 – MAY 9th(4:30pm PLEASE ARRIVE AT 3:30pm)

TAKE 2 – MAY 10th (2:30pm PLEASE ARRIVE AT 1:30pm)

TAKE 3 – MAY 11th and 12th (6:00pm PLEASE ARRIVE AT 5:00pm)

TAKE  4  – MAY 13th and 14th (6:00pm PLEASE ARRIVE AT 5:00pm)

BRIGHT STARS – May 10th (11:00am PLEASE ARRIVE AT 10:00am)



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