Congratulations to Miss Christine and Mr. Rylie – it’s a girl! Baby girl Birkley was born on September 30 at 3:44am, weighing 8lbs 6oz and she could not be more adorable!
I think it’s safe to say that the new parents are in love with their little ballerina, and I’m quite sure once she meets her Dance Magic family we will all be equally enthralled. How could we not be? Just look at this little pumpkin!
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Seriously, how cute is she? It sounds like she already has her daddy wrapped around her adorable little finger – and who could blame him? She is just the definition of sweet. I have it on good authority that Miss Christine is so captivated with her darling baby girl that it’s all she can do to tear herself away from staring at her lovely face all day. Congratulations again to the new parents, we are all just so thrilled for you!

There have been inquiries about sending gifts to Miss Birkley, welcoming her to the world – which is so very generous! If you would like to gift the new little ballerina with a welcome present (and by the way, this is completely unnecessary!), the generous and beautiful Birkley has requested instead that you make a donation on her behalf to our Give the Magic scholarship fund. In this way Birkley can pass on the gift of dance to another little ballerina! Just stop by the studio, look for Miss Brianne’s smiling face and find one of these adorable little bottles Miss Paula made just for donations in baby Birkley’s name.
And for all the other parents of ballerinas, tappers and hip hoppers out there – watching week has begun! This week kicked off watching at our Heritage studio as well as our Monday night Collicutt classes, but we still have a few days left so if you want to catch your own little dancer in action – be sure to stop by the studio! Watching nights coming up are at the Collicutt Centre on Tuesday, October 15 through Thursday, October 17.
I stopped by last night and was able to catch Miss Robin’s boys warming up their hip hop shoes.
I so badly want to comment on their swag but I’m afraid if I use the word swag I will become ‘that mom’ – you know, the mom who tries so hard to be cool (because isn’t that what the kids are saying these days?) but only succeeds in looking like a big geek? Unfortunately I fear that for me, the geeky mom ship has already sailed – and I am not only its captain but also its first mate and chief deck swabber. Perhaps I should leave the hip hop lingo to Miss Robin and her boys – because they were swagalicious!!! See what I did there? I couldn’t help myself!

Dance is definitely back in full swing and there is already talk of show routines and songs, with costume books being passed all over the studio. Don’t forget to sign up to be a costume coordinator – each class needs one! There’s a sheet posted on the bulletin board at the Collicutt so you can see which classes still need volunteers. I’m sure this class of happy tappers can’t wait to see what Miss Jody chooses for them to wear!
Miss Anna’s ballerinas are already looking adorable in their dance wear – watch out Miss Christine, before you know it baby Birkley will be twirling in her tutu just like these little girls!
Speaking of darling daughters, don’t forget our Daddy Daughter Dance is scheduled for February 1st!! Tickets go on sale November 4th so be sure to get yours. This is going to be an amazing event and you won’t want to miss out! It is a wonderful opportunity for dads and their little girls to get dressed up and spend a special night together. Tickets will be on sale through the studio and we will be posting more details very soon on how to buy them! One hundred percent of the proceeds from this event will go to our Give the Magic scholarship fund, which is already helping lots of kids participate in dance and music lessons who may not otherwise be able to. It’s a fantastic cause and a super fun night so be sure to get your ticket before they sell out!
As always there is lots going on at the Dance Magic studio and I’ll be back soon with more pictures and updates to keep you in the loop! In the meantime, here’s one more peak at the sweetness that is baby Birkley. Welcome to the Dance Magic family little one!
baby Birkley