Wow!  What a fantastic weekend Dance Magic had!  So far we’ve had 4 amazing shows and both Take 1 and Take 2 are finished!  Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights of the weekend before we head into the last 4 shows nights…

IMG_8330 IMG_8446 IMG_8663 IMG_8308 IMG_8320 IMG_8156 IMG_8142 IMG_8048 IMG_8097 IMG_8001 IMG_8024 IMG_7984 IMG_7979 IMG_7928 IMG_7904

This week I get to be a Star Mom for two nights and I have tickets to watch for two nights as well!  I’m really looking forward to both watching and being backstage.  I love getting a ‘behind the scenes’ view of all the excitement, and believe me – there is a lot of excitement backstage!  I will be sure to take some backstage shots while I’m there so I can share some of the fun with all of you next week!

I hope you all have tickets for at least one of the last four shows – because so far, they’ve been just fantastic!  There are still a few tickets left so be sure to get yours if you haven’t already.

Enjoy Take 3 and Take 4 everyone – have a wonderful show week!  I’ll be back next week with even more highlights of all the action!