We are excited to share with you this month’s community partnerships. We present to you…. Alison Snow with LipSense and Collegiate Sports Medicine! 

I’m a lipstick girl…I have been my entire life! When I was a little girl, I distinctly remember sneaking into my grandmother’s purse and lining up my favourite colours! If I was lucky, she’d let me wear it for my figure skating carnival! Ahh, sweet memories! When I saw a post about this all day lipstick, I had to inquire and that’s when I discovered LipSense!

So, what’s all the hype? Well, LipSense is an all day, long lasting lip colour that is smudge proof, water proof, and won’t come off on our dancers costumes. FOR REAL!! LipSense is applied once and then it’s on for the day. Use the Glossy Gloss filled with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to moisture your lips daily or before the show! Many colours to pick from including great show colours, like cranberry and red cherry!

Speaking of hype, check this out:







In the month of March, all Dance Magic family members receive 10% off their order!
When ordering, please add your child’s first name, teacher and class.
Contact me!!
Oh right, I’m Alison! Dance Magic Star Mom for 8 years
and proud supporter of 2 beautiful girls!!
Call or Text @ (403) 358-1135 to get more information on choices and ordering.
Let’s get our beauties ready for their moment on the stage!!


A little bit about Collegiate Sports Medicine! Simply say you saw their poster at Dance Magic for 10% off their sports med shop!