Have you ever wondered what goes through Miss Petunia’s adorably fluffy little elephant head?  She has been a busy ballerina this summer and I managed to catch some especially entertaining Petunia moments as she was touring around our fair city.  Let’s take a peek inside her lovely floppy ears and see what goes on in that pretty little head….

 IMG_5472 (1)

“I love Student Appreciation Day!!  Why am I not wearing pajamas you ask?  But I am wearing my PJ’s – this is my sleeping tutu!  You think it looks just like my other tutus?  Well – when you find an outfit that works!  Maybe I can try on your pajamas – here, let me just see if they feel fuzzy enough for my delicate fur…”


“Oooooo yay – a race!  Oh I will totally win, I’m so pretty and I twirl so well, how can I not win?  Oh…wait a minute.  These guys seem to be taking this pretty seriously, check out the look on that bird’s face.  Ok, time for Petunia Power – here we go!   I can do this, I can be serious – I can run, I can win!”


“Why run when I can twirl?  Look at how my tutu swirls around me when I spin!  I am so pretty!  Oh, they’re passing me – but look, my friends are here!  I have to show them my pirouettes!  La la la, la la – why isn’t there music playing?  I twirl so much better with a soundtrack.  That’s ok, I’ll just sing along in my head.  ‘Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing…’  I love Taylor Swift!”

Dino and Miss Petunia Center Fest

“Whoa there horsey – be careful, there are ballerinas twirling here!  Oh wait, that’s not a horsey!  Wow, that’s one funny looking elephant!  Oh boy,  that is one big elephant.  Maybe I should just tip-toe on down the road…”

Sometimes I think all that spinning goes to Miss Petunia’s head.  Did any of you catch her antics at Center Fest this past weekend?  In between bouts of rain, wind and hail of course!  Our DM team is one brave bunch to venture out in this kind of craziness!

Hail Center Fest

But in between storms the sun did shine and our Dance Magic ladies were enjoying every minute of it!

Miss Brianne Center Fest

Of course Miss Petunia found a way to put her own spin on Center Fest and was out enjoying the sunshine in her own special way!


Lots of Miss Petunia’s young fans have been hanging out at our north studio enjoying some Disney dance camp fun!  This week I found bunches of little ballerinas dancing, laughing, making fairy dust and lots of friends – all in their Minnie Mouse ears!


And showing off their moves for their families on watching day!


There was even a group of young dancers showing off their best hip-hop moves in their Tiny Hop class on Tuesday nights with Miss Robin!


Are you feeling like you’re missing out on all the fun?  Stop by the studio and sign up for something!  There really is something for everyone going on at the studio this summer – lots of summer camps for our younger dancers, ballet boot camp for the adults on Tuesday nights and even a teenage Mix-N-Match class starting on Thursday nights!  This class is a great opportunity for some of our intermediate and advanced dancers to get ready for fall.  You can try a new discipline and catch up with all your dance friends before classes start in September!   Check out the Dance Magic website and register for whatever catches your eye!

Next weekend is our Dance Extreme Summer Camp out in the wilderness and I’ll be back after that to share lots of pictures and an update on all the fun!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer – see you soon!