Required Attire & Footwear


We are so excited to have you join us in class!  Wearing appropriate attire and footwear is an important part of being a dancer. Proper attire allows our instructors to visually see how a dancers body moves and can also help engage the students sense of body awareness.  Proper footwear allows everyone to learn and progress in class without discomfort or delay!  Read on for an outline of WHAT TO WEAR at Dance Magic Studio!

12 WEEK CLASSES- All Disciplines:

Attire: Active Wear or a Bodysuit, Tights & A Tutu (optional)  – We are not colour or style specific so any bodysuit/tights combination will do! You can find these items at Walmart, H&M, the Bay as well as Fantasy Costumes (6700 67A Ave)

Footwear: Black Gymnastics Slippers – You can find these at Walmart or Fantasy Costumes (6700 67A Ave)


Acro, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop:

Attire: Tight-fitting Active Wear or a Bodysuit with Leggings or Shorts  – we go upside down in class and don’t want any baggy clothing going upside down, either!

Footwear: Barefeet work best for these disciplines!

Jazz, Theatrical Jazz:

Attire: Active Wear

Footwear: Black gymnastics slippers or jazz shoes


Attire: Body Suit and Tights. Hair pulled back in a bun.

Footwear: Pink ballet slippers


Attire: Active Wear

Footwear: Tan Jazz Shoes


Attire: Active Wear

Footwear: Toe Undies


Attire: Active Wear – Please make sure if your dancer is wearing pants that they are not too long or they could become a tripping hazard in tap!

Footwear: Black Tap Shoes

Hip Hop, All Boys Classes:

Attire: Active Wear – Sweatpants are permitted

Footwear: All Black Runners or Hip Hop Shoes