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Commonly Asked Questions
  • How will my membership be processed?

    • Your membership will be processed the exact same way as your monthly tuition!

  • What if I have one student returning, and one student opting out?

    • Please complete our opt-out form for the student who is not returning. We will process your membership for remaining students only!

  • I’m unsure right now, what should I do?

    • If you remain unsure, an opt-out is your best option. You can return to us when you are ready! BUT, please note that DMS processes 1000 registrations in the first 2 weeks of May, it’s important to us that you get your first choice of classes. Don’t delay if you plan to return!

  • When can I view the schedule and fees for 24/25?

    • We plan to have the schedule and fees ready to view BEFORE your rollover registration. Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!

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