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“Give The Magic” Dance Magic Scholarship Foundation

Proudly supported by The Government of Alberta in partnership with Kids Sports Return to Play Program and Dance Magic’s Give the Magic Scholarship Program. 

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Our Mission 

Dance Magic Studio is committed to providing lessons in a fun, upbeat and positive atmosphere; supported by teachers with a passion for learning and the arts. Our goal is to share our love of dance and music with those in our community while encouraging positive growth and development in every aspect of their lives. Our non-competitive atmosphere aims to nurture self confidence, personal friendships and lasting, lifetime memories. Personal attention and care is taken in every aspect of your Dance Magic experience.

Our purpose is to share the Magic of Dance Magic with children and families in need of a helping hand. The Give The Magic Scholarship is a program designed to do exactly that. Today, our program supports classes for kids in foster care, kids with special needs, and families with financial needs, job loss, etc. We exist to stand in the gap for kids. 

It probably goes without saying that in our current times, scholarships will be MORE IMPORTANT than ever before. We believe the lessons learned in our programs can provide so much more than a dance or music education and want to share that experience with you and your family!

Who Qualifies for Funding? 

If you are struggling with financial difficulties and looking to provide your child with a dance or music education you are a great candidate for our “Give The Magic” scholarship.

Which Scholarships are Available? 

If you are interested in a mini session dance class, we offer a $60. scholarship to assist with this cost.

For full year programs in both dance and private music lessons, we offer a $250. scholarship to assist with the cost of the program.

For February Start classes, we offer $150. scholarship, and for ‘Term’ session classes (Sept-Dec, Feb-May), the amount is $100. per session.


How Do I Apply?    STEP 1 – Complete the online application form below

STEP 2 – We want to know why you want to be a part of Dance Magic. Do you love to dance? Do you sing along to the radio? Is it your dream to learn the guitar? Please tell us why you’re passionate about performing! Feel free to express yourself in a creative way; you can write a short essay, draw a picture, or even create a video showing us why you want this scholarship! Please email your picture/letter/video to the office ( to accompany your application form or drop it off at the front desk the next time you are by the studio. Your application will be processed once we have both pieces submitted to the office.

If you choose to create a video please email it to along with your name, and don’t forget to submit your application as well!

Joy For Jody - Travelling Troupe Bursary
Now Presenting the “Joy For Jody” Travelling Troupe Bursary

Our Travelling Troupe Team was developed for students who love performing! At the heart of Troupe is a deep love of dance, performance and travel. Since its inception in 2016, we have travelled to Walt Disney World in Florida to perform on the Disney Stage, and in 2018 a cruise to the Caribbean. Travel plans to Disneyland are well underway for the summer of 2023.

When someone like Miss Jody Lynn Liptak walks into your life, you know you have been changed for the better. A beautiful and incredible teacher, mentor, dancer and friend, Miss Jody’s “kids” were her pride and joy. Deeply involved in the inception and execution of Travelling Troupe, her passion was always to share her love of dance with kids in our community.

One of Miss Jody’s wishes was to continue her legacy and her passions for Troupe through a scholarship in her name. “Joy For Jody” is a full bursary for students who show the same promise and passion as Miss Jody. Membership, Tuition, Costumes and Tickets to the year end recital are included for this amazing opportunity. 

To nominate a student for the “Joy For Jody” Bursary, please CLICK HERE to complete a submission form. 
Additional Financial Support Options

Looking for other ways to supplement your tuition fees?  In addition to our Give The Magic Scholarship Fund program, you may also qualify for: 

Jump Start Charities financial assistance program.  CLICK HERE to learn more about what they have to offer!
KidSport financial assistance program. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to apply!


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