Stage Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule May 26th – May 31st – Red Deer Memorial Centre

Dancers are to come dressed in full costume. Hair can be placed and make-up is not necessary for rehearsals. Feel free to invite friends and family to watch rehearsals. We would love to have an audience! It is free to attend the Dress Rehearsal! 

DANCERS: will find their class seated in the centre section of the Memorial Centre auditorium. Rows will be labelled with the class day/time/teacher and song name!

PARENTS/AUDIENCE + ARRIVAL TIMES: Our rehearsal schedule is split into arrival times so that your dancer isn’t sitting for too long! 

-(For Dancers Ages 5-8)
– One parent or adult is required to stay with the child until they are done onstage or the end of their section. 

-(For Dancers Ages 8+)
– Dancers sit in audience and watch others rehearse
For children 10 and under at least one adult or parent must stay with the child for the duration of the rehearsal

Dancers 11+yrs can attend on their own
*All parents are welcome to watch rehearsal if they so choose! 

 Extra audience members may sit along the side sections of the auditorium. 


  • Rehearsals will take place by TAKE for the majority of the classes, some specialty classes + mini sessions have been placed on other days. Please refer to your Important Date Email, or find your class in the toggle below.
    • TAKE ONE + Specialty Classes – Sunday May 26th
    • TAKE TWO – Monday May 27th
    • TAKE THREE – Tuesday May 28th
    • TAKE FOUR – Wednesday May 29th
    • TAKE FIVE – Thursday May 30th
    • TAKE SIX – Friday May 31st
    • FSG = First Steps to Graduation – These classes have been placed on alternate TAKE rehearsals.
  • Dancers are asked to attend their designated SET as noted below. 
  • Mini Session Dancers (ages 3-6) and younger classes (ages 5-8) will rehearse first, and are not required to stay for the entirety
  • Each class will get special time on stage
  • Dancers will have the opportunity to watch the other groups and cheer them on


Rehearsal Week Video by Dance Magic & AIMPAC

Take 1 + Specialty Classes Dress Rehearsal - Sunday May 26th
Take 2 Dress Rehearsal - Monday May 27th
Take 3 Dress Rehearsal - Tuesday May 28th
Take 4 Dress Rehearsal - Wednesday May 29th

Take 5 Dress Rehearsal - Thursday May 30th


Take 6 Dress Rehearsal - Friday May 31st