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Dance Magic Studio is committed to providing quality instruction in a fun, upbeat and positive atmosphere. Through passion and a love of dance, we strive to encourage our students in every aspect of their lives. Our goal is to develop a strong technical background along with self confidence, personal friendships and lasting, lifetime memories. Personal attention and care is taken in every aspect of your Dance Magic experience.


Our studio is located in two beautiful locations; The Collicutt Centre in southeast Red Deer and North Red Deer (6731 52nd Ave). We use six different studio rooms to accommodate over 1400 dance and music students who call our studio home.


Not sure where you fit in?  Dance Magic Studio is ‘the place you start and the place you stay’! Our family friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home the moment you walk through our doors.  We offer over 150 different classes weekly and each class is specifically tailored to the with various ages and abilities in mind.  We have numerous classes for daytime preschoolers and several evening options as well.  Truly something for everyone!

Busy Lifestyle – No Problem!

Dance Magic has convenient options for busy families to enroll students in multiple lessons back to back or at the same time as siblings.  You may also choose to enroll one child in dance while another plays the guitar or piano.


8 Questions you should ask when choosing a Dance School

Written by: Christine Slaymaker – Owner of Dance Magic Studio

As we twist through summer and leap into fall, many families are checking schedules, organizing programs, and preparing for the exciting year ahead.  This fall, if you are considering a path of DANCE for your youngster, you are about to embark upon an exciting journey.  Choosing the right dance studio will not only foster your child’s artistic development, posture, flexibility and grace but you can also expect teachings of team work, discipline, coordination and self confidence!   Dance truly is a journey that will last a lifetime.  While young children benefit from the creative movement and musical aspect of a class, older children can learn to work as part of a team while concentrating on both personal and artistic growth.  With so many wonderful activities to choose from in our community, you may be asking yourself a few important questions along the way.

How do I know if DANCE is the right choice for my child?

So picture this… your folding laundry in the living room, the radio is pumping and your child is jumping!  Musicality and movement lives in each of us.  Dance is a natural artistic expression that no matter your age or ability, you have it.  Whether it’s the slightest toe tap, a smile and hip wiggle or the full on “bust a move”! We have all seen how music and dance bring life and joy into the lives of our children and family.  Even as adults, we can appreciate the gifts and confidence learning to dance has brought into our lives.

I have a twisting, tumbling TWO YEAR old that won’t stop moving!  What is the right age to enroll my child in DANCE?

That’s right! You’ve been watching it foster since the day they were born; from the living room jiggles to kickin’ it in the kitchen your youngster has been movin’ and groovin’ since a very young age.  So the question is this… when can we enroll in dance class?!  For most studios children can begin lessons as early as 2 years of age.  Enrolling your child in dance at an early age can have a positive effect on your Toddlers creative development.  At two years of age, most children are beginning to explore their passion for music and movement.  Creative movement classes for children age 2-3yrs are designed for young dancers to learn expression of movement and explore their creativity.  At the age of 4 or 5 children are usually ready to pursue a more structured dance lesson that will further advance their skills.

I have a teenager that has recently expressed an interest in DANCE.  Is it too late for them to get started?

Absolutely NOT!  It’s never too late to begin your journey through dance.  Start looking for  a studio that offers beginner level classes for all ages and abilities.  Your dancer will be with others his or her age sharing a passion for dance and learning at an appropriate level for their ability.  The best part is, all of the same great benefits apply whether you’re two, twelve, twenty nine or sixty two!

My son loves to dance but doesn’t want to be the only BOY in his class.  How can I make sure this doesn’t happen?  

Well, the truth is this:  BOYS CAN and DO DANCE!  Who doesn’t love watching an active young boy with great rhythm and dance moves?  With recent growth and popularity in the media and on the dance floor, more and more studios are offering all boys classes.  Whether it be breakdance, hip hop or ballet; these days, there truly is something for everyone.

How do I choose a studio that is right for me?

Several things should be considered when deciding where your child will enrol in classes.  With the recent increase in popularity you will find you may have many studio options to choose from.  It is important you choose a studio with a good reputation in your area.  It is a good idea to visit the studio you are interested in – first impressions can go a long way.  You will want to look for a location that can provide your family with quality instruction in a positive atmosphere.  Remember – the lessons learned in a dance studio will follow your children long into their lifetime.  You should feel that your dancer will be well cared for and submersed in an environment of positive role models.  A well organized and efficient studio will set the pace for your entire year.  Good communication is the key to your enjoyment and overall experience at the studio.

What does my child wear to class?

Dressing for dance class can be one of the most exciting preliminary steps to preparing for class.  Specific shoe styles are needed for each form of dance.  Your studio will instruct you of what to wear and where to shop.  Try to involve your child as much as possible; allowing them to partake in the decision of color and style can set the tone to a positive year of dance.   It is important to try on all items before purchasing as often, dance clothes and shoes will run smaller than regular attire.

I have a superstar that LOVES to perform.  Will my dancer have the opportunity to perform on stage?

One of the highlights of the year will be your dancer’s opportunity to perform on stage at the year end recital.  The students will have learned, practiced and perfected a routine that they will showcase, in costume, at the annual recital.  Dance recitals are an exceptional experience for the kids.  Although there may be some nerves; overcoming those ‘butterflies’ to perform in front of 100’s of viewers, is an excellent way to build confidence and positive self esteem.  One of the most rewarding experiences for a dance student is showcasing their talents in a performance.  Recitals are an excellent opportunity for family and friends to support and celebrate a dancer’s accomplishments.
Ok, I’ve made the decision, DANCE is exactly where I want my child to learn and grow this fall.  How do I enroll and what discipline to I choose?
Enrolling your child in a dance class is an exciting experience for both the children and parents alike.  These days there are many forms of the art – no matter what your age, ability or personality there is a form of dance awaiting your artistic impression.  Preschool Dance classes and shorter 8 week programs are an excellent start for young children.  It is important to remember that while an early start in dance is a great way to have fun and develop skills in the art; beginning at an older age can also have its advantages.  Dance is an excellent form of fitness and a great way for children to experience the benefits of working with a team and developing their skills of coordination.  If your child has expressed an interest in dance – it is important to consider their personality when choosing a discipline.  Jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, break dance, cheer dance and Musical Theater are just a few of the many offerings in your local dance studio.


While dance can be incredibly hard work, it should also be considered enjoyable.  Dancing should be viewed as a fun, exciting experience and not as a chore.  The community of families within your studio should be an environment rich with enthusiasm and positive lifetime experiences. Positive lasting memories and lifelong friendships are just a few of the many benefits your child can expect from an experience in dance.