Individual commitment to a group effort is that is what makes a team strong, companies successful, and communities thrive. The families we have been blessed with serving over the years inevitably come and go, in and out of the studio walls. It is the nature of the business we find ourselves in. Children grow up and graduate, they move to other cities, or persue new passions and hobbies. We can`t keep our dance students in our classrooms forever (despite our best efforts), and as sad as we are when they leave us, we always keep our past families in our hearts and we find joy in knowing that new families will join us and the whole cycle will begin again. This constant transition is beautifully bittersweet. Every year at recital, our Dance Magic team sits together in the front row, gazing up at the stage, gripping our seats and each others hands as we hold our breath and watch our students in their final performances. Their nerves, excitement, joy, and fears are all tangible for us and we internalize them all. It’s the moment we all wait for and then in a blink, they stride off the stage and sometimes out of our lives. We smile, we cry, and keep holding each others hands because at least we still have our team and we can all relate to the whirlwind of feelings we feel each year as we start our new classes, choreograph, make music selections, design and order costumes, teach, teach, teach, and then watch it all come to fruition. The nature of the work of a dance and music teachers, not unlike any teacher, is incredibly rewarding and challenging at times, and without the support that we find in one another, none of it would be possible. I have never met a closer group of women and men in a workplace as the Dance Magic staff. It is no surprise then, that year after year our teachers return. In part, it is this commitment from our teachers that enables our studio to be such a positive environment and the support we show each other through the season cannot go unnoticed.

I caught up with two of our long time teachers; Miss Jody and Miss Jen. Both have been enormous contributors to our Dance Magic families, staff, and the community. Let’s hear a little bit about what the had to say about their time with the studio.

First up, is Miss Jody. Miss Jody is known for her incredibly clean routines and classic dance style. She is mentor to our team and happy to lend advice on dance, teaching, and life whenever it is asked for. We count ourselves as being very fortunate to have such a well rounded and generous teacher on our team. Let’s learn a little more about Miss Jody’s time with us.

How many years have you worked as a part of the DM Team?

I don’t even know! Honestly, when you have been somewhere as long as I have been here, you start losing track! I’m sure it has been 20 or 21 years .

What is your favorite thing about coming to the studio week after week, year after year?

Hands down, the children are what bring me back. Seeing them grow and mature over the years is such a gift. Also, my relationship with the rest of the team is huge for me. Dance is my home away from home and I feel endless support and love from my dance family.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?

I have been lucky enough to see and be a part of so many of the changes that have happened at Dance Magic over the year. We went from being a very small and intimate studio to having two huge locations, expanding constantly with different teams and groups and even travelling abroad to share our love of dance around the world! I count myself as being so fortunate to be involved in a studio that is so focused on spreading love and helping others.

What impact have the studio and students had on your life?

Being involved in the studio and with all my students has taught me understanding and compassion in a way nothing else in my life ever has. I get the opportunity to work with so many different people all with different needs, energies, and emotions. All these different and incredible relationships have taught me so much about teaching, communication, patience, and maybe most importantly, about myself. Also, my involvement the Red Deer Celebrity Dance off has been huge. I have felt so fulfilled in the opportunity I have been given to contribute to the community in this way. It really has meant the world to me to be a part of this unique fundraiser year after year and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I have had for anything.

Next, I caught Miss Jen after a staff meeting recently and had the opportunity to get a little snapshot of her time with Dance Magic as well. It was a pretty beautiful few minutes we shared. She literally brought herself to tears thinking about what Dance Magic has meant to her over the years. It suddenly made sense to my why Jen’s pieces bring ME to tears every year at recital. She is all heart and so full of passion and we feel so lucky she has chosen Dance Magic as an outlet. Jen has another special perspective on our studio as of late, as her own little girl now graces our stage as well. Let’s hear what she had to say.

How many years have you worked as a part of the DM Team?

I have been at the studio for 17 years now. My first year I actually danced as a senior and taught as well.

What is your favorite thing about coming to the studio week after week, year after year?

Nothing beats sharing the passion of dance with others.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?

There have been so many! I was of course teaching when the studio changed hands from Miss Val to Miss Christine. As a teacher, the change in ownership gave me the opportunity to learn from another incredible mentor and see the studio grow and change under new leadership. I so appreciate the years I had teaching for Miss Val and feel so grateful that the studio was put in such capable, innovative, and caring hands as Miss Christine’s. More recently, the opening of the new north studio has also been huge. We have seen the potential for so many more classes and programs as a result of the space. Lastly, as I reflect back, I can see that my own teaching and dance style and ability has grown and evolved so much over my career and as a result, my dancers reflect my increasing years of experience in the classroom and on the stage. That is really rewarding to see.

What impact have the studio and students had on your life?

This is my family. This is my home away from home. The studio allows me to continue doing what I love as an adult and to share out my passion everytime I walk through the door.

Why did you choose Dance Magic for your daughter?

Everyone ACTUALLY is a star here and every week my daughter feels that way. Being able to celebrate milestones with her is really special. There is just an added layer there for me not only as a mom but as a teacher here as well. Maybe most of all, I love seeing her self confidence build. She is learning so much about relationships and herself, not just about dance. I’m so thrilled her dance journey is starting here at Dance Magic. I know she is really made to feel special by all the people she interacts with here.

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