Star Parents – Sign Up/Duties

We rely on our Star Helper’s to keep everything running smooth backstage! We require a minimum of two helpers per night per class to ensure we have proper supervision and to make sure the dancers are ready for showtime!

Read on for more details as to what our Star Helpers do!

Star Helper Roles & Responsibilities

CLICK HERE to watch a video on Star Helper expecations! If you prefer to read, read on!

– You are expected to sit with your class ONLY. All dancers MUST STAY TOGETHER IN THEIR DESIGNATED AREA. Please be sure to keep track of the kids in your group throughout the evening.

– Dancers should arrive with their hair and makeup completely done. However… it is a good idea to double check that everyone looks “rosy” as they arrive. Save lipstick until closer to them going on stage as it will get smudged or eaten off!

– Make sure hair is all tucked in with lots of hairspray if necessary and that all hats are SECURELY FASTENED. Extra bobby pins and safety pins are a good idea!

***Please have parents lay out their own child’s costume RIGHT when they arrive, so you can be sure nothing was forgotten and so that they will have time to go home if something happens to be missing. Before they leave ensure they SIGN IN their dancer on the class list provided.

– As a “Star Helper” you are NOT required to bring snacks and drinks for the entire class. However we do ask that you do you best to ensure the kids are not eating messy foods that can stain their costume (grape drinks, chocolate etc..) Festival Hall is a NUT FREE facility.

– Once everyone is dressed, line them up and see that they look “exactly” alike, bows in the same place, side, etc. Shoulder straps pinned etc. etc. Please be sure that all undergarments are not seen. Tuck panties in and pin all bra straps.


Rehearsal Floor:

During the show we will have a volunteer running the rehearsal floor where everyone gets a chance to run through their dance. This will run in the same order of the program. Please listen for your group to be called. It is your responsibility to make sure they do not miss their turn!

If you have a dancer who is also in another dance be sure you are aware of where they are in the program – and where they are changing so the stage runners know where to find them.

**The runners will try to keep you informed where we are in the program and call you backstage in plenty of time. They will come find your class and you will go with them to the stage.

Please don’t allow costumed dancers into the front entrance of the theater. NO DANCERS are permitted to enter the auditorium to watch the show. Bathrooms are in the gym or in the back change rooms; please do not use the ones out front.

Try to keep your group together and under control. If they run around, they may put rips in their costumes, etc. It’s also distracting for those practicing. Teenagers should not be leaving for the store and outside friends are NOT allowed in Festival Hall or backstage.

If you have fast changes or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask the other star moms. Everyone is terrific and there to help.

At the end of each night please clean up around your area and stack chairs on top of the tables and pick up garbage around you. Be sure every student is SIGNED OUT by their parent or guardian before leaving Festival Hall.

When to Arrive

*Students will be arriving 1 hour prior to show time. We ask that our Star Helper’s arrive 15 minutes prior to ensure there is appropriate supervision for the dancers and help with the sign in process. 

TAKE 1 Saturday Morning – Arrive @ 8:45am

TAKE 2 Saturday Afternoon – Arrive @ 1:15pm

TAKE 3 Sunday Morning – Arrive @ 8:45am

TAKE 4 Sunday Afternoon – Arrive @ 1:15pm

TAKE 5 Monday Evening – Arrive @ 4:45pm

TAKE 6 – Tuesday Evening – Arrive @4:45pm

Senior Showcase – Thursday Evening – Arrive @ 4:45pm


Star Helper Sign Up
If you are interested in helping us in Festival Hall, please click the link below for your dancer’s corresponding TAKE: 
Thank you in advance for your help! We truly couldn’t do it without you! 

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