Welcome to the world sweet Rosie and welcome back from maternity leave Miss Mia!  Find out what these two beautiful mamas and their families have been up to on their journey through motherhood. They share the joys, challenges and most importantly, the unconditional LOVE.  Read more here… 

Welcome to the DM Family sweet Roseanne Chinook! Miss Ang and her husband Blake welcomed sweet “Rosie” to the world on November 11th! We took a moment to reach out to Miss Ang this month to see how life as a momma of 2 has been treating her. Check out what she had to say:

In one word, express what you feel when you snuggle your new baby girl?Magic. Everything about a new baby is magical to me. The instantaneous, overwhelming, unconditional love you feel is magical. The fact that I grew her in my belly is magical. The connection between us is magical (no one has a touch quite like Momma). All of it is a mystery and rather than trying to figure it all out, I just surrender to it and try my absolute best enjoy and memorize every single moment because one day she will probably only talk to me to ask to borrow the car. Haha.

Were you expecting a girl or a boy?
I’m so old fashioned, it would make your head spin! I didn’t find out for either of my little pumpkins if they were boys or girls beforehand. It’s just too exciting a surprise for me to find out. However, my grandmother had a trick that my mom swears by where you drop a sewing needle and thread over your belly and depending on which way it spins means your either having a girl or a boy. So far my mom has been two for two because she was convinced that my first was a boy and my second was a girl. I was pretty sure Rosie was going to be a girl but just told everyone that I would be thrilled with either…. Because it’s true!!!

What is the first thing your boy Hawksley says when you ask “What is it like being a big brother?”

“Ohhhh yaaa. Dood” (good). Haha. Anyone who knows my almost two year old, will be able to picture this perfectly as he punctuates all of his sentences with “oh yaaaa”. It’s a little Hawksleyism. He is the best though. He cries when she cries and she smiles when he laughs. They already seem very connected as siblings and he gives her the nicest, gentlest, cuddles around. It did however, take him about a week to realize that her name was Rosie and not Wren (Miss Mia’s) little girl. But now that he has that all sorted out, it has been smooth sailing. Rosie couldn’t ask for a better big brother.

What do you love most about being a mom?
The quiet, bedtime snuggles. No wait, the noisy, excited, creative play in the mornings. No wait, the innocence and curiosity when they learn new things. No wait, no wait, no wait! How can I choose. Truly though, I love that I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a guide for my little people in their amazing and beautiful lives. It is the greatest responsibility and honor to influence, teach, and learn from others and having children is by far the greatest example of this. No matter what they do, whether they devote their adult lives to finding a cure for cancer, or to raising amazing children of their own, or anything in between, I know I will be filled with pride…. Just like I am when Rosie smiles or when Hawksley says a new word for the first time. I think that might be the best part…. Loving someone so much, that them simply existing makes you feel whole.

WELCOME BACK Miss Mia!  After a joyful first year of being a mom, you’ll be seeing Miss Mia’s beautiful, smiling face back in the studio this month. We thought we’d reach out to her to get a picture of what life has been like as a momma these past 12 months!
If you could use one word to describe Wren’s personality as a one year old, what would it be? Curious!
What is your favorite family pastime? We have a little fish on our hands and enjoy when we are able to go to the pool together as a family. Wren loves playing and splashing around in the water! 
Does Wren have a favorite toy? Do babies actually play with their own toys? I feel like our little Birdie just wants to see everything she shouldn’t have especially if it can make noise! She got a little music set for Christmas, which she does love, but she would much rather wander the house exploring every inch of anything within her reach!
What has been the most rewarding part of this incredibly “mommy journey” so far? I am not sure I can pick just one thing! This past year was the best year of my life. I have dreamed of becoming a mom for as long as I can remember and it has completely exceeded my expectations. From watching her master a new skill to seeing her face light up when her favorite people walk in the room and even the middle of the night snuggles I love every second of my time with her. 
Welcome back Miss Mia!  We are so excited to see your smiling face around the studio (and Wren’s too)!

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