Blue Grass Garden Center is excited to support 100 Kids Who Care: Spring 2018!

Our company was founded in Red Deer in 1969 (as a sod farm). For 48 years, support from loyal customers has enabled Blue Grass to grow with our community. We are a local ‘home grown’ business- employing and mentoring local youth and business professionals. Every year we quietly and proudly ‘give back’ to this community. Blue Grass has sponsored hundred’s of community events, recent support includes landscaping/maintaining the Ronald McDonald House, sponsoring (and organizing a free family BBQ) at Blue Grass Sod Farm Central Spray and Play, annual sponsor of Festival of Trees, annual sponsor of Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off, and annual sponsor of Red Deer PCN Women’s Fun Run . We support local sport teams and many non profit fundraisers on an ongoing basis.

Our recent relocation to the former Dentoom’s Greenhouse location on the NW corner of Highway 2 and 11a has enabled us to grow and sell flowers (annuals and perrenials) along with our locally grown trees and blue grass sod. Blue Grass Garden Center offers customers a one stop shopping experience for all their landscape needs. Our company also offers local commercial snow removal, lawn maintenance, and a landscaping.

On March 10/18 our team will host 100 Kids Who Care. We are helping each child create a hanging basket, that they will then gift to someone they “care” about in our community. Blue Grass is sponsoring the event so there is no cost to participate.

While at the greenhouse on March 10th, our team show the kids how we grow 3 acres of flowers. Our goal is to share our passion for plants and ‘grow little gardeners’. Our team will help each child plant their own flower basket! We are hoping they will leave with some soil under their nails! Our greenhouse growers will water and tend to the baskets from March -May. We invite each child to return with their parent from May 10 to 28/18 to pick up their basket. One of the greatest joys we experience as a company is “giving” to others. We are excited for the children to experience the pride and joy of sharing the basket they create.

If your child has a special story around who they are gifting their basket to, we would love to capture this experience and share it! If they would prefer to ‘gift quietly’, that’s fine too.

Can’t wait to see you on March 10!!