The fall is a busy time around our studio. For our families it means the start of dance classes, music lessons and for some, performance team rehearsals. For our teachers it means the much anticipated start of classes- seeing many familiar faces, and learning the names of many, many, new ones! Creating lesson plans, working on finding the best possible classes for each student, choosing recital music and costumes… the list goes on! Our teachers truly are the magic behind Dance Magic.

For a moment I would like to set aside my blogging hat, and introduce myself. My name is Miss Ashlea. This marks my tenth season as a teacher at Dance Magic, and I am so thrilled to be popping in as one of  the voices behind the DM Blog. While I have taught just about everything during my time here at Dance Magic, my main focus has been in building our Ballet Program. I also share a deep love for Contemporary, and am so blessed to work with kids week after week as they find their voice not only on the stage, but also as unique, creative individuals.

For us teachers, the many hours we have spent working with kids in the class room has stemmed from our own love of dance. We all started out as little ones in a creative movement class, perhaps in a shiny new pair of tap shoes, or searching for our parents through the glare of bright stage lights. As we guide our students through their personal dance story, we can’t help but be reminded of our own.

As an insider- I can attest to how hard the teachers at Dance Magic work to create an upbeat, positive atmosphere where the dancers feel included, challenged and most importantly, confident! I am constantly inspired by the teachers we have on staff, and their unique approach to accomplishing just that. I have to tell you though- it’s not all work. We have a lot of fun too!

Every August I look forward to our annual staff building event. In past years we have gone to the corn maze, rafting in the river, and just this past August through the Escape Rooms in Red Deer. Talk about a team effort! This fall many of the teachers had the pleasure of participating in a beautiful event orchestrated by our very own Miss Mia. A team event with a twist, it was a morning out for the whole family- A Pumpkin Painting Party!





We often get asked if there is something in the water around here… because the number of “Dance Magic Babies” as we like to call them- just seems to be increasing every year! They even have their own personalized onesies- complete with tutus for the girls! While I can’t make any official statements about the water- I can say that it was pretty fun to get our families together in one place, and spend the morning crafting, connecting and chatting. This is just one more reason why it is so special to be a part of the team at Dance Magic.



I love seeing our teachers doing life together- not just in studio related events, but through attending dance conventions, collaborating on special events like the Sheraton Celebrity Dance Off, or over a simple coffee date. Being a part of this fun, supportive family truly is a gift!

None of this would be possible without all of our fabulous students and families who allow us to do what we love most- so thank you!

Until next time- keep your toes pointed and your bobby pins securely fastened!

-Miss Ashlea

P.S.- Just in case you need to smile extra big today….