I’m back again with another interview with yet another 15 year dancer, Seanna Mancuso!  Check out this sweet picture of little Seanna back in the days when she danced with Miss Val – and then read on to hear about her 15 years of dancing with Dance Magic!


What dances have you done over the years and what are your favorite disciplines?

“Over the years I’ve really tried them all I think, now I just do hip hop.  That’s really my favorite because it allows me to be really creative and expressive and more free flowing in my dance.”

Who was your favorite teacher?

“My favorite teacher would have to be Miss Val for sure, she was like a second mom for me and she taught me the longest.  She is my number one choice, but from the teachers I’ve had since I would say I love Miss Jody and Miss Robin.”

Do you remember your first dance?

“Oh it was Let’s Get Physical!  Oh wow, we wore these brightly colored spandex costumes, it was hilarious, we had jump ropes and hula hoops and we were jumping around and throwing them over our heads!”

What was your favorite dance routine?

“That’s such a hard question!  After 15 years there are so many different dances I’ve done!  The ones I remember the most are hip hop dances like Ramma Lamma and Love the Way You Lie.”

Do you remember a favorite costume?

“That would be my Pink Panther costume, it was a hot pink unitard with a giant fuzzy tail.  I was about 10 years old and it was Miss Jody’s class.  I loved that costume!”

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Dance Magic?

“Oh I don’t have one specific memory, but probably just how I’ve developed such a family at Dance Magic, both in and outside of dance.  I’ve danced with the same group of girls for so long and we’ve all grown together and had the same experiences together.  It’s a real family experience.  I have so many friends from dance, lots of life long friends for sure.”


Congratulations Seanna on 15 years of dancing with Dance Magic, that is quite an achievement!  Thanks so much for talking to me and sharing your experiences with all of us.  We look forward to seeing you dancing on stage this year at the show and receiving your 15 year award!


I also stopped by the studio last weekend to check out how the final photo weekend went.  Wow – there was so much going on!  There were line ups of tiny tutu-ed tappers in the hallway…


And here’s Miss Teneal helping one tiny tapper find the perfect pose!


There were pretty little lime green cuties posing for the camera…


And these lovely senior lyrical girls were finishing final touches on their hair and makeup!


I even caught one little jailbird trying to escape…


While the rest of the inmates managed to lock up Miss Robin!


I love getting a sneak peak at all the show costumes, it makes me curious to see everyone dancing on stage.  Only a few weeks till show time everyone – are you getting excited yet?  I am!!  Don’t forget, dress rehearsal starts on Sunday, April  27 and the first show night is Friday, May 2.  It’s going to be here before we know it!!

I’ll be back soon with another chat with yet another 15 year dancer – until then, happy dancing everyone!