There is a lot going on at Dance Magic this week – but before we get to that, let’s take a minute and check in with another of our 15 year dancers!  This time I spoke with Ceanna Bawtinheimer, but most of you probably know her as Miss Ceanna!  I have a special place in my heart for Miss Ceanna, not only was she my daughter’s dance teacher – but last year she was such a help to me at the year end show.  She is a very sweet young woman, a lovely dancer and a very caring nurse at the Red Deer Hospital!  Here’s what Miss Ceanna had to say about her 15 years of dancing with Dance Magic:

Ceanna - 15 years


Who was your favorite teacher, or the teacher who had the biggest impact on you?

“Miss Val taught me the most, but I’ve had so many teachers!  Miss Taryn, Miss Brandy, Miss Jody with tap, Miss Robin with hip hop, Miss Jen for lyrical and Miss Christine contemporary – I think I’ve had everyone at some point!  I think I was even one of Miss Val’s first assistants!”


What was your favorite dance routine that you can remember?

“Oh well the dance routine that sticks in my mind the most is Footloose with Miss Brandy, because I broke my wrist!   I was rehearsing in my sock feet and I slipped and fell, and broke my wrist.  Now I tell all my girls not to dance in their socks!

I also did the Hamster Dance for a production number one year at Moose Hall – and I even remember dancing at the old school down by Kerry Woods Nature Centre.”


What was your favorite costume?

“Well I can remember what my ugliest costume was!  We did a dance to Cotton Eyed Joe and we had these nasty grey pants with a white collared shirt and suspenders.  So ugly!”


What dances do you do now, what dances have you done?

“I think I’ve done everything except ballet over the years, I’ve been teaching for about 5 years now but this is the first year I’m just teaching and not dancing myself.  Miss Mia and I danced a lot together over the years.  We even talked Miss Jody into doing a beginner tap class back when we were in high school, because we wanted to learn tap.  We did dances to Santa Baby and Hairspray!  I only did tap for a few years though, until I reached senior.”


What’s your favorite DM memory?

“There are just far too many great memories from my years at Dance Magic, it’s too hard to think of just one.  It’s been a wonderful place to dance!”


Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Miss Ceanna – Dance Magic is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher!  We look forward to seeing your classes dance on stage at the show this year and watching you receive your 15 year award – Congratulations Miss Ceanna!!


The studio is hopping this week and everyone is getting ready to move into the Memorial Center.  This Sunday is our first official day of dress rehearsal at the Memorial  – and then the show begins next Friday night, May 2!!  I can’t believe it’s already here, this year has just flown by.  Don’t forget that all of your classes next week are at the Memorial Center and that your class times may be a little different than usual to accommodate everyone’s stage schedule.  If you’re not sure of your class time, check out our website for a full dress rehearsal schedule!  Be sure to arrive in plenty of time to change into your costume if you need to, and don’t forget you will be running your dance in the foyer before you go on stage.  You don’t need to worry about your makeup, but you should have your hair placed as it will be for the show – using any accessories your costume may include.

The dress rehearsal is a great opportunity for those family members who don’t have tickets to come watch you perform on stage!  It isn’t as formal as the actual show but it’s a great chance to watch your dancer perform on the big stage before the show starts!

See you all at the Memorial Centre – have fun, smile brightly and don’t forget your lipstick!  It’s almost show time…. heel, toe and away we go!!!