Aerial Silks

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to join the circus, this class is for you!  

Aerial Acrobatics is a beautiful combination of circus and dance. Aerial Silks are performed while hanging from a rigged point of specialty fabric. Flexibility, strength and grace are challenged in learning new tricks and progressing skills. Aerial acrobatics may be used to build strength and flexibility, strike poses, create shapes and perform combinations of skills learned in a choreographed routine.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, anyone can get started on this discipline and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Aerial Silks - Full Year Program Class Times

The following classes will begin in the Fall of 2023 and will run from September-May.

Available Classes Fall 2023:

Monday 4:10-5:05 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 9-12yrs

Monday 5:05-6:00 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 6-9yrs
Monday 6:00-6:55  Aerial Silks (Showcase) 8-11yrs
Monday 6:55-7:50  Aerial Silks (Showcase) 10-12yrs 
Monday 7:15-8:10 Aerial Silks (10-13yrs)
Monday 7:50-8:45 Aerial Silks (Technique) 12+yrs 
Tuesday 4:20-5:15  Aerial Silks (Showcase) 6-9yrs
Tuesday 5:15-6:10  Aerial Silks (Showcase) 8-11yrs 
Tuesday 6:10-7:05  Aerial Silks (Showcase) 9-12yrs
Tuesday 7:05-8:00 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 12+yrs 
Tuesday 8:00-8:55 Aerial Silks (Technique) 14-Adult
Wednesday 4:00-4:55 Aerial Silks (Technique) 8-12yrs 
Wednesday 4:55-5:50 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 6-9yrs
Wednesday 6:45-7:40 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 9-13yrs
Wednesday 8:30-9:25 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 12+yrs 
Thursday 5:30- 6:25 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 6-9yrs 
Thursday 8:25-9:20 Aerial Silks (Int/Advanced – Level 3+) 12+yrs
Friday 4:00-4:55 Hoop (Technique) 8+yrs 
Friday 4:55-5:50 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 6-9yrs
Friday 5:50-6:45 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 8-11yrs
Friday 6:45-7:40 Aerial Silks (Showcase) 11+yrs
Showcase classes will work towards a group routine that will be presented during their final watching week at the studio. Technique classes are perfect for the intermediate or advanced aerialists who have completed their level 2, looking to enhance your skills. With a focus on conditioning and training these classes will help you work towards completing their next level of training. 
Annual Membership Fee: $55+GST per student *payable once per year at the time of registration*
Tuition Fees: $67.99 + GST/month (annual tuition is amortized monthly: Sept 10 + Oct – May 1)

To register for Fall 2023 programming, please contact 403.347.9101 or email  You may also stop by to see us. Please click HERE for office hours.

Interested in PERFORMING on the Aerial Silks – Click here to learn more about our Aerial Theatre Performance classes. 
*Please note all classes are held at our North Location (#200 6731 52nd Ave)
Aerial Silks Fall 4 Month Session

Fall 2023 Registration Opens May 25th! 

Session Dates: Saturday September 16th –  Saturday December 16th

Cass Times: 

Sat 9:45-10:40am (6-10) Silks 
Sat 10:40-11:35am (8-11) Silks
Sat  11:35-12:30pm (11+) Silks 

Cost: Tuition = $271.96 + GST + Half Year Membership Fee = $30.00 + GST



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