Something I admire about Dance Magic is that it creates memories for families, and tells stories through movement. It’s my honour to help connect your family to the Dance Magic experience online (my company Unveil Studios designed the DM website and provides web support to the amazing Dance Magic team). While I don’t dance much (except in my living room with my 2-year-old son), I do tell stories and use my imagination every day, both online and in books. I love creating experiences through stories that help families have special memories.

So I’m thrilled to tell you about my Young Adult book series Ten Silver Coins. Book Two just released and it’s the kind of story children of all ages and the young at heart love. One that families can read aloud together. Ten Silver Coins tells the story of Jill Strong, a young girl who lives in a world where imagination is considered dangerous. It’s a world she resists, and as a result, one she must flee. When she does, she gets caught up in an incredible adventure that is full of surprises and thrills. Critics are calling Ten Silver Coins “a rich, adventurous tale… with hints of legendary authors like C.S. Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle and J.R.R. Tolkien.”

As a special offer to the Dance Magic family, when you buy Book One, I’m offering you 10% off Book Two (and free shipping for both books). It’s my way of encouraging families to read together, to create memories and to fall in love with a new book series. All you have to do is use the Coupon Code “DanceMagic” when you purchase the books on my website (

I loved imaginative stories as a kid, and I still do! Growing up in Red Deer I have special memories reading books also enjoyed by my brothers and parents. They’re the types of memories I hope to pass on to my son and to other families. I hope that Ten Silver Coins creates a new opportunity for you to fall in love with reading and with stories all over again.



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