It’s finally here, show time!  The Memorial Centre is decorated, the stage is set and Festival Hall is hopping with dancers big and small all anxiously awaiting their turn on the big stage.  Over the weekend Dance Magic ran through 2 complete shows each of Take 1 and Take 2, which means we performed 4 shows in 3 days!  It was a fabulously fun weekend and at last the sun was shining, which only added to the heat our dancers were already creating on stage.   What a beautiful weekend to kick off our 25 year anniversary show!

As I’m sure you all know, it takes a village (or at least a large DM family!) to create a show of this size, night after night.  And thankfully our Dance Magic family has tons of help!  I’m sure lots of you met these lovely ladies out front selling flowers and stuffies to give to your beautiful dancer after the show.




If you looked really closely you might even have seen our multi-talented Miss Shelley hiding in the sound booth for Take 2!




Of course there are our beautiful and talented DM teachers!  I think I’ve said before how much I love the teachers at Dance Magic.  They so obviously adore their jobs and truly celebrate every moment they spend with their young dancers.  Wasn’t it fun to see them all dolled up, instead of dressed in their usual outfits of dance tops and leggings?  I even heard a few little ones had trouble recognizing their teachers – I guess you should start teaching class in your stilettos with full makeup Miss Ang!




But showtime is when our teachers get the pleasure of sitting in the audience, watching their beautiful dancers perform on stage.  While you’re in the audience enjoying the show, I bet you have no idea at all what is going on right next door in Festival Hall…




And the people running the show behind the scenes – the people who keep the chaos under control?  Why those are the Star Moms of course!  And the show could not run without them.  They make sure all the little ones have games and snacks to keep them busy…




Even the older dancers have mommies who bring yummies to keep them going and give them lots of good dance energy for the evening!


There are parent volunteers who make sure everyone gets to perform on time, and that the entire show gets to run their dances on the rehearsal floor before hitting the stage…




Even our always entertaining Miss Petunia got in on the act, dancing backstage with all her fans!




And we all know that it takes the help of every single one of these people to make our dancers look this adorable on stage!




Each show had so many wonderful moments!  What about these cuties?  This little guy had his hands full handing out flowers to all his ladies…



This young man had no interest in dancing, or his lady friends – and still he stole the show!




There were ballerinas so cute the entire audience erupted in awwwwwww’s…




Miss Jody’s tappers had attitude to spare…




And these bandstand babes brought down the house!




And when it was all said and done, the curtains opened and the audience saw the entire cast of Dance Magic dancers standing together on stage singing their hearts out.  I still remember back when my girls were little (far too many years ago unfortunately!)  seeing this moment for the first time.  I knew it would happen, the girls had told me they were singing the Dance Magic song on stage with everyone.  But when I sat in the audience for the first time and saw all those amazing dancers on stage together – my little angels with the biggest smiles on their faces – it brought tears to my eyes.  And this weekend, when yet again I sat in the audience as I have for so many years now – they once again brought me to tears.




The shows aren’t finished yet – we still have Take 3 and Take 4; which means 4 more shows starting on Tuesday night before our very last show ends on Friday evening.  I hope you’re all enjoying the performances and the backstage fun as much as I am!  I think there’s still a few tickets left for the last 2 takes – our senior dancers will be performing and you don’t want to miss them!   The sun is shining so we should all get out and enjoy it before the final half of our show week begins tomorrow.  Break a leg everyone!  (But don’t really, or Miss Jody will have your head!)