I’m proud to say that I am a brand new, first time, mom. My little boy is one month old and he has now begun to focus on faces and hold his gaze. When he and I lock eyes, I can’t help but stare deep into those blues and wonder what kind man he will one day become.

Wait a minute! Isn’t this blog post supposed to be about Dance Magic’s Arts in Motion Preschool, not about the developmental milestones of babies?! Bear with me – I am getting there, I promise!

So, when Miss Christine asked me to pop into one of the free trial classes for the Arts and Motion Preschool last week, I was able to view the happenings that day through a beautiful lens that even a mere month prior, I had absolutely no access to.

Artist Vincent Van Gogh once said that “great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. This struck me that day, as I sat back and observed the amazing young boys and girls excitedly taking part in the trial day. As the incredible teachers executed their impeccable lesson plans, I witnessed an amazing amount of growth and learning in the thirsty minds that filled the room.  I saw a series of “small things”: an energetic play performed to teach the children about the letter “F”, a reminder to push in chairs after snack time, a catchy song to promote proper hand washing, a craft to help the students learn about colors, a story, creative movement, and free play. The “small things” list goes on and on. However, what I also saw, and maybe more importantly, were endless “great things”. After a gentle reminder from a teacher on the importance of sharing, I witnessed a beautiful ripple effect from one student to the next as sharing and inclusion suddenly became the name of the game. I saw new friendships budding between these incredible little people who just minutes before were strangers. I saw life bursting forth from their little bodies as they were encouraged to express themselves creatively through dance and movement in a way that so many of us forget how to do as we grow older because we are told to often, in too many ways, to sit and be still. I saw small things turn into great things that day at Dance Magic. As I held my own baby boy close to me, rocking him gently, I realized that I don’t need to worry about what kind of man he will become. I realized that as long as I do my best as a parent to expose him to a series of small things like the small things I saw before me in that colorful, life filled room; he too would take those small things and turn them into great things.

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Dance Magic’s Arts In Motion Preschool is set to launch in the Fall of 2015 and the school is presently taking registration. The preschool will offer a 3 year old program, a 4 year old program, and a once a week 3-4 year old program. The staff is dedicated to engaging and enriching your child’s physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and creative competencies through a safe, hands-on environment.  For more information on how your family can get involved, visit www.artsinmotionpreschool.com.

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