It’s back to school and you know what that means – back to dance!  And while I’m excited about all that fall brings, there is some sadness when I think about leaving the fun-in-the-sun laziness of the summer months.  And I do so love the summer!  So much so that when I noticed the colored leaves falling from the trees last week, I may have let out a small scream of terror at the idea of summer ending – which may have forced my girls to roll their eyes at the craziness that is their summer-lovin’ mom.


Fall means change, and it’s not always easy to embrace change.  There were major transitions in my household this fall, as my eldest dancer moved away to attend University and my little one is rapidly proving to be a very independent and mature young woman.  Basically that means my role in their world is changing!  While they will always need their mom, they are certainly heading out into the world fully capable of standing on their own pretty pointe shoes.  Though as their daddy is fond of reminding me, they still need us to buy those pretty shoes.   I guess they’ll always need us for something!


Speaking of pretty pointe shoes – is everyone all set for fall dance classes?  There is still time to register before all the fun begins and I know there are still some open classes.  I do love the schedules and the routines that fall brings.  While it is chaotic at times, trying to get everyone fed and where they need to be every day with their homework done and their dance shoes in hand – it’s a nice change from the unmotivated, lazy chaos of the summer months.  So just to help with your own schedules, here’s a quick run-down of when dance classes start.



Monday Classes = September 16th

Tuesday-Thursday Classes = September 24th-26th


Monday Classes = September 9th

Saturday Classes = September 14th

Tuesday – Thursday Classes = September 17th-19th


If you have any questions I know our DM team will be out for one last Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market this weekend, or you can always call the office and speak to the lovely Miss Mia or Miss Teneal and I know they can answer any questions you may have.  If you’re looking for pretty shoes for your own dancers, or if you have shoes that no longer fit – stop by the studio and check out the gently used shoes for sale.  Or sell some of your own!  Those little feet grow so quickly and it’s always a bonus when you can save some money on shoes, or make some by selling yours!


And don’t forget to stop and see our favorite studio owner this month, as Miss Christine is in the final weeks of preparing to bring her own little Dance Magic dancer-to-be into the world!  Best wishes Miss Christine and Mr. Riley!!

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So I will leave you with good luck wishes as you get your own household schedules in order for the fall.  But don’t forget to enjoy these last few days of summer sunshine – because before you know it, fall will be over and another four letter word will fill our days (Snow, shhhh!!  Don’t say it out loud yet!). Here are a few reminders of the fun everyone had last year, just to get you in the mood for dance classes to come.  Happy back-to-dance season everyone!

IMG_5518 IMG_5476 Collage