Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some holiday fun with your friends and family.  I know I did!  Are you all ready to get back to school and dance and all that fun stuff?  Maybe you’re running out of activities for your little ones to do while they’re home for the holidays.  Maybe you’re running out of things to do indoors in this frigid weather!  Well as always there are lots of things going on at our favorite dance studio.  January is a busy month at Dance Magic with so many exciting events it’s hard to keep up!

The big news this month is the opening of our new north studio location!  Have you heard?  Have you seen our sneak peaks?  It’s so exciting – a huge new building with lots of space for all of our fantastic dance and music classes!  We’re even going to be starting a new Arts in Motion Preschool!

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If you’re interested in registering for Dance Magic’s new Arts in Motion Preschool, January 6 is the big day!  Check out our website for more registration information or contact the studio office and one of our lovely office assistants would be more than happy to help you!  Also registration for our Spring 8 Week Classes begins on January 12!  Dance Magic has a lots of spring classes available, and you can choose show classes or classes without a show option.  There is even a shorter, one hour Bright Stars show that is dedicated to our 9 Week Classes!    Don’t forget to register on January 12!


Miss Christine has come up with a wonderful way for all of her Dance Magic family to be involved in the new studio in a very special way.  On January 11 she is inviting all members of the Dance Magic family to stop by and get a sneak peak at the new studio.  Before the mirrors go up, we are going to write quotes and words of encouragement, motivation and positive affirmation on the walls!  The large studio mirrors will eventually cover our words, but they will remain a part of the walls forever.  Every time our dancers look into those mirrors they will know that behind them are all of our words of support and encouragement – and they will feel the love and support of all of us behind them!  What a beautiful sentiment to have as a permanent part of our beautiful new studio.  Come by between 1:00-3:00 on January 11 and check it out!

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The new studio officially opens for business on January 18 and all of our north classes will move to the new location during that week.  How exciting!!  In the meantime, classes will continue in their alternate locations, and of course our Collicutt Centre location classes will continue on in their same location just as they always have.


On January 25 Dance Magic is hosting a Silks Class!  This is an exciting acrobatic class that will be offered in our new location – if you’re interested in registering for this innovative new program check out our website for more information, or contact our studio office.


And as if that’s not enough excitement for one month, we are ending January with our second annual Daddy Daughter Dance!  This year’s event will be on January 31, and last year’s event was a huge success, but I think this year’s will be even better!