I can’t believe it’s over! That was an amazing week of shows and all of you definitely danced your hearts out. I had the pleasure of watching on the very last night, after being backstage for most of the week – and it was something to see! I think all of the dancers had an extra boost to their leaps…


an extra large smile on their faces.


Every toe was pointed, every leg was turned out…


And everyone was having just the best time!


Throughout the show there were many reminders of the 25 years Dance Magic has been a part of the Red Deer community, and they definitely have more than 25 reasons to celebrate! We reminisced with Miss Val and learned how she grew the studio from a tiny group who met in Eastview school, to a thriving studio located in the Collicutt Center. She reminded us all that the hokey, pokey really is what it’s all about – and that as long as we keep putting ourselves out there, we truly can do anything we set our minds to! We heard how Miss Christine took over the studio and has continued its growth, by adding many new programs and classes – and even a new location on the north end! And we learned Miss Christine will lead the next generation of Dance Magic dancers when she has her own little DM baby this fall!
What I found especially inspiring was the many students, and even teachers, who have been a part of Dance Magic for so many years. I love that the studio chooses to honor their dancer’s commitment to dance, and each year we get to see those students cross the stage to accept their awards for their dedication to Dance Magic. There are always lots of 5 and 10 year awards – and sometimes even a 15 year award! This year two of our favorite dance teachers received awards, Miss Robin for being a part of Dance Magic for 10 years …

Miss Robin

and Miss Jody for 15 years of teaching young people the joy of dance!

Miss Jody

We love you ladies and look forward to many more years of dance shows with both of you!

But by far the most amazing award of the week went to the Berry girls, Samantha and Vanessa. They have been with Dance Magic for 20 years. 20 years – that’s amazing! They started dancing with Miss Val when they were just 3 years old and have continued their dedication to the studio for the past 20 years. This year they danced in the senior hip hop number, as well as working as assistant teachers, helping to inspire a new generation of potential 20 year Dance Magic members. Congratulations ladies, you are an amazing example of what dedication and hard work can accomplish!


When the curtain closed for the final time on Friday night in front of a sea of shining, singing faces – there were many mixed emotions. Tears of both joy and sadness, lots of celebration over a job well done, reminiscing about things accomplished – and a deep sense of already missing what is finished. I have one daughter who danced on Friday night for the last time on the Dance Magic stage. Her sister will continue with Dance Magic, and each year we will return together to watch the show and live the excitement again. But she knows that next year it will be from the audience, instead of the stage. Dance Magic truly is a family though, and for all the dancers who are leaving this year, and moving forward to new stages in your life – you know that you always have a home here.
And those friends you made when you were tiny ballerinas, singing it out together on the Dance Magic stage…


Become life-long kindred spirits that stay with you well beyond Dance Magic.


Because together you’ve been a part of this crazy, wonderful, dance family!

Collage smaller copy

For those of you who have the privilege and the joy of continuing on with Dance Magic, and are already missing it – don’t fret! September will be here before you know it! And if you just can’t wait until then, there is so much going on at the studio this summer. We have a multitude of new summer camps for all ages, plus summer music programs if you feel the urge to try out your singing voice – or maybe learn the guitar! And don’t forget our Student Appreciation Day! In the meantime – congratulate yourselves on a fantastic job last week. Everyone worked their tails off and it showed. 25 years, wow – what an amazing accomplishment Dance Magic! We can’t wait to see what the next 25 years will bring!