This week started off with a bang (and a lot of coffee!) bright and early Sunday morning as we all arrived for moving day.   Moving into the Memorial Centre that is – for the next 2 weeks of dress rehearsals and show time fun!  There was much jumping and dancing about as we waited; everyone was very excited to get going!  Actually, we were all freezing our tootsies off as spring has not yet sprung in our fair city, and moving was the best way to stay warm.

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Those girls (plus two extra special dance dads!) sure move fast when it’s chilly!  We had everything unloaded, set up and in no time we were watching our production dancers shake their tails on stage in “Cats”.   I have to say, I love, love, love production this year!  These girls have gone all out on their costumes and makeup, and it looks spectacular!  I think they owe a big thank you to their parents because I have no doubt they did not pull off those amazing outfits without some serious parental help.   Production is appearing in Takes 1,2 and 3 and I know you will be just as impressed as I was!



I love dress rehearsal week, even more than show week I think.  It’s a chance to see everyone on stage in their costumes without all the rushing about backstage that goes on during the show.  It’s also a great chance to take pictures, which I love to do!  Who could resist Miss Jody’s candy colored cuties?



I even caught some of Miss Robin’s high flying “Austin Powers” girls leaping through the air!



Before we know it, rehearsals will be over and it will be show time!  As much fun as the dress rehearsals are, there’s something about the actual show that’s just so much more special.  I think all the dancers are excited to perform in front of an audience filled with all their friends and family cheering them on.  As a mom I love being backstage during the show, helping the dancers keep all their balls in the air (for these dancers that means actual bouncing balls!).



Being behind the scenes with the dancers means you’re a part of all the excitement that comes with the year end show.  The quick costume and hair changes, tutus flying, tights ripping (this always happens so don’t forget an extra pair!), all the rushing back and forth just adds to the thrill of the night.  And I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

I hope you’re all enjoying the dress rehearsals and getting ready because Friday will be here before you know it!  Heel, toe, here we go – it’s almost showtime!


OH!  One little tidbit of exciting news that I’m sure you’ve all heard already, but I still have to share!  Our wonderful Miss Christine and Mr. Rylie are expecting their own little Dance Magic dancer!  Congratulations!!!!  How much fun will that little one have growing up surrounded by this amazing DM family?  I think they are off to a fabulous start, those two are going to be just the best parents.  I can’t wait to find out if they’ll need tutus or hockey sticks!

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