Happy back to dance week everyone!  This week all of our North Studio classes began in full and next week all of our classes at both the Collicutt and the North Studio are in full swing – it’s all dance all the time at Dance Magic!!  I stopped by the studio this week and saw bunches of enthusiastic dancers and musicians vibrating with excitement and ready to go! There was so much bouncing and bustling going on; they could barely contain their joy at being back in the studio!

I know Miss Shelley and Miss Mia are thrilled to have everyone back.  The studio was far too quiet without all the hustle and bustle of the regular dance season – be sure to stop and say hi to them when you’re in the studio!

blog 1

These little ballerinas were warming up their tippy toes with some plies in preparation for their dance class with Miss Stacey.

Blog 2

I just know these tiny dancers all have big dreams of dancing in pretty pointe shoes with beautiful, fluffy tutus, I remember when my dancers were little, they loved seeing the senior ballerinas on stage at the year end show.  The beautiful costumes and the way they seemed to float across the stage on their toes – what tiny ballerina doesn’t dream of that day?  Or even just watching them lace up their pointe shoes in the hallway before class!  Before they know it these itty bitties will be stretching over the barre like these girls from Miss Ashlea’s advanced ballet tech class…

blog 3

And of course there is a new generation of singing superstars warming up with their teacher Miss Sarah…

Blog 4

I wonder if these little stars are dreaming of singing on stage one day?  I bet they can’t wait for the recital in June!  Maybe one day one of them will be the next Taylor Swift – after hearing some of them singing along to her music at summer camps, I think it could happen!

September is always such a fun month, you can see the excitement on everyone’s face and you just know they’ve been waiting all summer to get back in the studio.  I love seeing their smiling faces and thinking of all their hopes and dreams for the future.  Dance and music is such a wonderful gift to give young people!  I am always so grateful for everything Dance Magic has given my girls.  The performing arts teach our kids so much!  Not only do they learn dance and music, as well as discipline and confidence in themselves – but they learn to dream!  I think there is no greater gift to give a child than the ability to dream huge dreams for their future.  If we teach our children to reach for the stars – who knows what they will accomplish?

Speaking of children…guess which studio owner is nearly ready to have one of her own?  That’s right – Miss Christine is due any day now and we could not be more excited for her and Mr. Riley!  If you want to get in on the excitement of welcoming the new little Slaymaker, just stop by the studio (at either location!) and you can play our baby game!  Guess the gender, weight, birthday and time of birth and you can win an awesome prize pack from Dance Magic, along with a $50 donation to our studio’s Give The Magic Scholarship Fund in your name!  If you want to play along I suggest you get your guesses in right away – Miss Christine is ready to pop at any moment!  Though I have to say I saw her this week and she looks incredible – but when does Miss Christine not look lovely?   That is going to be one adorable little baby – I can’t wait to meet her, or him!  What do you think, boy or girl?  We’ll have to wait and see!

Happy dancing everyone!!